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Mobile storage is becoming popular at events like Burning Man?

You may have heard about Burning Man, which is a network of people ‘inspired’ by the pursuit of creativity and culture as it relates to the world and existence itself. It’s a huge event that often has attendance levels in the 50,000-70,000 range. 

The unique part about Burning Man is that at these events, which occur once a year, there is a lot of control around selling items and products to attendees, as the community pushes the idea of brining all your essentials with you. 

So, as you can imagine, from tables, chairs, other forms of furniture, party decorations, event items, art-like structures, well, storage can be a big thing for these types of individuals that attend this once-a-year extravaganza. 

In speaking with one female attendee, Mobile Storage solutions are quickly becoming a key to these kind of events.

“I have been attending Burning Man for five year now, and about two years ago I came to the conclusion that I had acquired way too much event-related stuff and I just couldn’t fit it into my one bedroom apartment any longer. A couple friends of mine and I, who also attend Burning Man on a yearly basis, got together and decided to explore the idea of Portable Storage, and that’s when we came across STAKKT. We have never looked back,” Megyn Schillington said.

I asked Megyn to expand on STAKKT and what specifically STAKKT Mobile Storage units accomplish for her.

“Honestly, one of the most convenient things about STAKKT is that it’s like taking a room inside your house with you whenever you want and wherever you want. Imagine, you are magically given an extra room to have in your house or apartment, and you can load that room up with whatever you want. Then, that particular room can go to another state on-demand, or across town to an event like Burning Man. Where you go, it can go, and it can stay as long as you wish, with no permits required,” she said.

I then asked Megyn to compare STAKKT Mobile Storage to let’s say a moving truck or a traditional storage unit. Her answer truly sold me on the fact that Mobile Storage is just getting started and it’s about to dominate the entire storage unit industry.

“Think about it… you rent a truck, you sit in those uncomfortable seats all day, you have to worry about crashing the truck, and you have to get that insurance. Then, there is filling it back up with gas when you’re done so you don’t get hit with those penalty fees. Also, where do you park it? It’s nothing but a worry. And, when you talk about what I do, which is store a grip of items all year for a once-a-year event, how does a traditional storage unit really help someone like me when compared to STAKKT, which again is a portable room that I can have picked up and set down wherever I want for as long as I want? How do the two even compare?” she added.

I followed that up with my last question: “So, this isn’t just a service you’d use for the portable situations, you would use STAKKT Mobile Storage in place of a traditional storage service?”

She replied, “Portable means movable, on the go, sure, but it doesn’t mean temporary. Most think being portable means it’s a point A to point B type of thing, like just moving from one house to another, or moving out of state, but it’s not. Just because you request your storage unit to meet you at a destination, like me at Burning Man events, that doesn’t mean you can’t send your stuff back to the STAKKT location, which is temperature controlled by the way, for later use. It’s portable and long-term. Or, short-term, it’s whatever you want, but it is not just short-term. Name one advantage a traditional storage unit would have over a STAKKT Mobile Storage unit?”

In all honestly, I could not name one.

Hey Crafters… Is there a new solution in the “Storage Unit” space? 

Crafters everywhere, from tool-heavy innovators to artistic material-based types, have always struggled with storage solutions. I had the chance to interview several different crafting professionals, each with a slightly different craft, and all of them seem to struggle with the same exact issue when it came to storage. They don’t have enough of it! Or, storage solutions are killing their profits! I then came across a pottery crafting professional who found a storage unit solution that blew my mind.

I found Jami Cunningham in southern California, where she made and sold her oceanside pottery art. Jami has dedicated the last ten years of her life to creating unique crafts that have special individual meaning. Her work is her life, but a lot goes into it.

Jami explained, “My work requires me to have several pottery wheels, which I use to handcraft the pottery pieces you see me selling here oceanside. My customers are often tourists, people visiting from out of state. They are at the ocean, walking, shopping, looking for things they can’t get back home where they come from. I have made more money selling outdoors than I ever did indoors, and I tried selling inside of a storefront for three unsuccessful years.”

While asking Jami the same questions that I had asked so many other crafters before her, this is where Jami shocked me with a solution I had never heard of.

“My work requires a lot of extra materials, to make the pottery, then to mold it. Then there is firing it. Firing pottery is what I do, and I use a small kiln, which is located in a very small office space that I rent. I have storage units full of materials, pottery wheels, tables, chairs, and other things needed to do what I do,” Jami said.

I then asked where she stored everything since she just explained that she rented a small storage space for just her kiln. 

“That’s the trick. For so long, I rented a bigger office space and it killed my profits. You see, I do all of my molding on the pottery wheels on Mondays and Tuesdays, then I don’t use that equipment, or any the materials, for almost a week. I used to literally waste more than half of my office space 5 days a week. So, I heard about a Storage Unit solution called STAKKT, which is essentially a mobile storage unit product, but one you can also use long-term. The “mobile” aspect means that it goes where I want when I want. So, on Mondays and Tuesdays, I have a couple units dropped off at my office space, where I mold all my pottery. Late on Tuesday, I have STAKKT pick the units back up and they bring them back to their facility. They keep the temperatures controlled, and I can call upon my storage units whenever I want. It’s the most amazing way to do what I do and do it efficiently. My overhead is almost nothing compared to what it was, and I get to spend Thursday through Sunday ocean side selling my pottery to all kinds of interesting people.” 

Jami’s story is a great success story, one that uses creativity in the Mobile Storage Unit space to get things done efficiently and effectively. 

If you want more information on STAKKT, and how their mobile storage services might benefit your business, whether it be crafting or whatever, I urge you to visit:

Mobile Storage Units are becoming a trend amongst college students?

Student populations often are way ahead of the game when it comes to upcoming trends. One trend that is currently developing in the college scene is that of “mobile storage” solutions. 

What is mobile storage? It is the direct competition of your traditional storage units that are cemented into the ground. STAKKT is the company that we keep hearing about, and they literally dropped off these mobile containers at your doorstep, at which point you fill them up with your items. Then, once you are all loaded up, you call STAKKT and they come and pick up your container. They will even load and unload for you if you want.

Now, the fun doesn’t stop there, according to one University of Southern California student: “I use STAKKT in a couple ways. I moved here from out of state, so I actually packed up all my stuff in New York and had it all shipped here in California by way of STAKKT. The best part is that I wasn’t rushed when unpacking or rushed in getting settled. I did everything on my time and at my pace. Then, when the unpacking was all done, I called up STAKKT and they came and picked up the empty container, the student said.”

I then asked the student to elaborate on his earlier comment, that he used STAKKT in a couple ways. He responded, “I’m an Industrial Design major, which means I have a lot of stuff. Projects I’m working on, tools, drills, models. Lots of models! And, those are delicate. I have recently moved out of the dorms and have an apartment, and there are no storage rooms or garages available to renters. I store all my school-related projects and tools in a STAKKT container, and STAKKT brings it out to me whenever I request it. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and the best part is I can have the unit dropped off in my parking lot for days at a time if I’m working on something semi long-term.”

I then asked this bright, ambitious student what major advantages are present with his storage unit being mobile. 

“Well, as I said, some projects last days, or even weeks. And, because my storage unit can be dropped off so that I can go through my stuff at my pace and for as long as I want, it makes working on a project and accessing all my materials a breeze. Imagine having to go to a traditional storage unit multiple times a day, or week, or even realizing you need a certain tool from your storage unit and you forgot to get it when you last traveled down to that traditional storage facility. Or, most times when you need something, it’s at night… students are always up late working on stuff. If a traditional storage location is closed for the night, you’re out of luck. Having my storage unit on location is critical. I even got permission to have my unit brought to an area near our classroom/studio. It was fantastic because I was working on a project during finals week and I had access to everything I needed during that time, then sent it back to STAKKT when I was done. After seeing my STAKKT mobile storage unit in action, half of my class is now using one. Some students share the cost, which is economical.”

I asked the student if he shared his storage unit with classmates. “Me? No,” he laughed. “I have way too much stuff to share a unit. I am thinking of having two units now, actually.”

After speaking to several other students about the idea of STAKKT, and these were students that had not yet heard of the newly-trending storage solution, every single student I spoke to said that they would love to try it out.

“Wow, I haven’t thought of how convenient that would be to have my stuff so mobile and readily available,” one student said. “I have sold things, or practically given stuff away that I didn’t want to give away, because I didn’t have room to store it.”

Another student had this to say on whether they would try STAKKT while they lived on campus, “Absolutely. I am from out of state. Most of us here on campus are out of state, so it’s tough when you move from place to place to place. As students, we are in dorms, then apartments, then renting houses, or even in fraternity houses… you can’t just get rid of all your stuff when you move around like that, and not every place you live has room for all your belongings. I have a storage unit and I hate having to find a time I can go when they are still open. Traditional storage would be left in the dust if more people knew that they could get the same thing and more out of a mobile STAKKT unit. Sign me up!”

As the college kids say, STAKKT is definitely ‘trending’ on college campuses everywhere.

My name is Steven. I own an Italian food restaurant in San Francisco. We first heard about Stakkt when negotiating with a furniture supplier/vendor of ours; we were deciding between two different styles of chairs for our Grand Re-Opening. 

We ordered 75 versions of a specific chair, items that we thought would fit our restaurant’s theme very well. Unfortunately, when they arrived, we just didn't feel that they meshed well with our decor. 

After expressing our displeasure to our vendor, he mentioned that he had 75 chairs of a different model in storage and that he would send them to me. I was quite shocked when a 5'x8'x7 Stakkt storage container was delivered to our door step within roughly 24 hours.

Stakkt team members actually unloaded all of the chairs, brought them inside, and then the professional movers took all 50 of the original chairs with them. They just packed them in the same storage unit and were on their way. It was as if Stakkt was there for us, not working for our vendor.

I was so impressed with the vendor at this point, we decided to use them for all of our restaurant's furniture needs. Of course, I had to ask my vendor what Stakkt was all about and how they used the service. 

Not only did our vendor use Stakkt for his own convenient storage needs, like product surpluses, seasonal items that he wasn’t selling at the moment, but he also used Stakkt as a sales/support feature, which we clearly got a taste of when they arrived at our door with the new chairs.

It sold us. It sold us on the vendor, as I already mentioned, but it also sold us on the idea of Stakkt and how it could help my business. Stakkt is more than just a storage service to me, it’s a business tool. Through my vendor’s example of use, I quickly learned how powerful it is to pair other phenomenal services with our own. It was a business revelation to me to be quite honest. The entire experience with this vendor, and how they leverage the Stakkt service to help them sell (as well as service customers) got my creative juices flowing. We now use Stakkt on several levels.

Not only do we store our restaurant’s seasonal decor/furniture in off-site Stakkt containers, that are available to us whenever we want (delivered to us, or off-site if we wish to visit a local Stakkt location), but we have leveraged Stakkt to enhance our catering business. 

We have a catering service, which has been a bit held back over the last couple of years due to a lack of storage space within our own restaurant. And, we also were previously experiencing labor cost/scheduling issues relating to that side of our business. Coordinating employees to head out to catering locations was tough, paying them extra cash to do so was even tougher, and trying to have enough bodies on payroll without becoming a labor/scheduling nightmare was near impossible. Well, Stakkt solved all of these issues. Not some of them - Stakkt solved all of them! 

We now store all of our catering equipment in Stakkt containers, and they are stored at Stakkt locations until we need need them. This actually allowed us to own more catering equipment, as they can hold as much as we can send, and this in turn has allowed us to service more catering locations and events. We grew our catering business by at least double in three months. That’s not where the genius stopped, though. 

The real gem in all this is that because Stakkt comes with team members that will unpack and pack your containers (professional movers), we no longer have to pay our regular restaurant staff extra cash to head out to catering locations to setup or breakdown. We also have a more organized, and less disrupted, payroll and scheduling process within the business, as we don’t have to try and rip apart our day to day restaurant operations in order to setup an off-site catering gig. It’s amazing. Stakkt has truly reinvented the catering side of our business and it has allowed us to grow that side of our business in ways we would never have been able to previously. 

I cannot thank Stakkt enough, or the vendor that turned me onto the service. It’s more than just storage. It’s a business tool that you can leverage to connect with clients and services of all kinds.

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